Feb 17, 2016


Stephen Shaya, M.D.

Managing Director

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Stephen Shaya, M.D., of HNC Virtual Solutions Selected To Speak at Cavendish Global Health Impact Forum held in Palm Beach

Breakers Hotel, Palm Beach, Florida Cavendish Global taps Stephen Shaya, M.D., of HNC Virtual Solutions to moderate a panel on “The Digitizing of Healthcare.” The panel included the following: a) Lt. Col. Wilson Ariza, Department of Veterans Affairs ; b) Charlotte Hovet, M.D., Global Chief Medical Officer of Dell; c) Robert London, M.D. Medical Director of WellCare..   Stephen Shaya, M.D. said quoted Leon Kess, “Technological innovation is indeed important to economic growth and the enhancement of human possibilities.”   He also quoted Christopher Columbus. “You can never cross the Ocean until you lose sight of the shore.”


HNC Virtual Solutions is a member of the J&B Medical Supply family of companies. HNC is a fast-paced, highly-focused telehealth product and solution provider based in Wixom, MI. HNC’s mission as a telemedicine solutions company is to overcome traditional healthcare delivery challenges through a forward thinking innovative virtual clinic approach by providing clients with a clinical grade all-in-one, user-friendly telemedicine and telehealth platform. Various VideoDocTM solutions are designed to deliver substantial savings in healthcare costs for patients, measurable improvements in patient outcomes, expanded physician specialist availability, and significant reductions in time, travel and expenses. HNC Virtual Solutions telemedicine solution offers a unique combination of HIPAA and HITECH compliant video consultations, virtual house calls, FDA approved peripherals, triage and rounds, combined with the ability to take, store and retrieve patient vitals from anywhere throughout the world.

About Cavendish Global
According to Cavendish, the Global Impact Forum is a “peer-to-peer knowledge expansion and relationship building environment focused for over 150 leading family offices and foundations. A world-class forum for organizations actively seeking to accelerate technological innovation and health access through sustainable philanthropy, grant-making and impact investing.”

Cavendish Global provides family offices with a number of innovative advisory and digital resources, which includes Cavendish Impact Forums. A unique gathering of leading family offices, Cavendish Forums take place three times each year and are hosted by leading institutions around the world.  In May of 2014 the Cavendish Global Health Impact Forum was hosted at the United Nations Headquarters, Secretariat Building New York, The Rockefeller University and The New York Academy of Sciences and then in November of 2014 was in Oxford University in Oxford, England.  San Diego hosted the Cavendish Forum in May of last year and another event was held in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit in October of last year.  For more information:  http://cavendishglobal.com.